For You.

If loving you bears the heaviest weight,

That weight am obliged to carry day and night,

like skyrocket my heart shoot high in thoughts of you, Continue reading “For You.”


Will There Ever Be Gender Equality?

“Is Gender equality a woman problem or human problem?                                       “Is becoming more of their problem for decades than it is a human problem” Continue reading “Will There Ever Be Gender Equality?”

Figure Out.

Am that poor, ragged kid who lived block behind those rich kids, seeing them with their new clothes and shoes, I just don’t understand and seems not to figure out how God shares his mercies and graces. Continue reading “Figure Out.”

Greatest Day Of My Life.

It will be the greatest day of my life,

The day life finally relieved me of my earthly duties,

A long boring life of responsibilities,

With gratuity of a long lasting peaceful sleep,

Oh love, am sorry but don’t worry,

Because have finally found peace,

For am glad life pushed you my way,

For you been the only good thing that come forth my way on earth, Continue reading “Greatest Day Of My Life.”