Quote of the day

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. Ernest Hemingway Advertisements

Pretty In Everything.

I was broken in many pieces everything seems meaningless to me I feel empty inside the world was going so fast until she comes in. She brought me together pieces by pieces She mend and tend to my heart she makes me whole again inside she slowed my world for me the numbness is all…

What Do You Mean?

The only time a boy finds faults in girl looks, dressing and behaviour is when she is not his girlfriend, and he has proposed to her before and she blatantly turned him down. hmm, what a puncture to his ego.” Girl be careful and watch your back because you just made yourself a piece of…

My friend.

Yeah we drink and get drunk, the bond we share is heaven beyond we share the same thoughts, laugh at our hilariousness, You make me high without weed,

Brooding Over You.

Now am brooding over you, how could I have been so shortsighted that I fail to see how much you put in,the sacrifices you made for us, the time you waste, You gave me your whole I gave you my worse, worse still you still want me, but I want you less,

I Will Cry If I Have Time To.

I Will Cry If I Have Time To I will cry if I have time to, but I don’t have time to. What makes us cry? Psychological violence, mental or emotional abuse, Verbal abuse; but the time you use crying, you can invest it in doing something better. You can take whatever it may people…

Am In Love With You.

It’s happening anyway and I have no control over it, Neither is my body and soul conflicting over it, they just dine with it, Am madly in love with you, “madly “the only word I can come with to express whats burning inside me, have searched tirelessly for the perfect words to best describe what…

Quote Of The Day.

A performing masquerade who tries too hard to outclass his colleagues may expose his ass… South Africa proverb.

My Conversation With A Female Preacher.

A young female preacher walked up to me on a Sunday morning,Her beauty is nothing have seen before she had me hypnotize. her eyes ocean blue, I was scared looking into them because I felt I was drowning in an actual ocean. her ebony dark skin so shinning its blinding me due to the ray…

Why Did You?

Those words keep creeping like zombies coming out of graves, lingering and finding its way into my head, escaping like the flow of tears streaming in my heads like a hard rock music it keeps repeating and heating me more sucking the life out of me minutes by minutes.

Can’t Love Again.

After being betrayed by my first love, i built a wall around my heart never to fall in love again, My wall came tumbling down the moment i set my eyes on her,down down it goes, causing no noise nor putting up a resistance. She is as bright as the morning stars glowing in the…