Making No More Exceptions.

”How are you”? I was asked,

”Am fine” I said,

But I whisper beneath my breath,

That am not,

But I can’t be heard,

That aches my heart,

Knowing my problems can’t be explained,

Not through words,

Cause the words seems not available,

Nothing at all,

And it pains me.

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Pick Yourself Up.

Have you ever dressed so good-looking and appealing that you even get good compliments from people passing by? and in a crowd full of people earth then decide to test your balance, you missed a step and fall to the ground, what do you feel that moment?

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Let Learn To See Pass Other People’s Mistakes.

There are so many times I wish to pack my things to move into a place where I will be alone and away from people and their habits I considere disgusting, this habit if hold on to could prompt me throwing  punches at people if I should have my way but then I will find myself punching random people like everyday. am so disgusted at the rate at which people repeat things in their lives and this repetition I can’t live with, but at a certain time I realize am not been fair to myself and to them that am not fully open-minded to accommodate people believes, opinions and sentiment that are contrary to mine even if logic proves them wrong and by ethics they are wrong too. Continue reading “Let Learn To See Pass Other People’s Mistakes.”